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Herb Cuttings: The Salvation to August Bordom

August 17, 2018

August is upon us and the gardening jobs seem to be drying up at the same rate as my soil. I have a timeline for my garden now and I'm trying to stick to it religiously for fear that, come December, there will be no 'clearing up' or 'preparation' jobs left and I'll have to find something indoors to occupy my time. I need gardening or else I become 'that person' in the gym that never seems to go home...I've never been very good at sitting still plus my anxiety sky rockets as soon as swimming or plants go out of the equation!


When I ask most people what they do in the garden come August the answer I get 90% of the time is 'water'. While true...there are sooo many jobs we can still be doing to extend that gardening season into...well...all year round. One of the jobs I like to do, and you can do either one or one hundred depending on how much time you like to spend gardening, is taking cuttings. 


Cuttings are basically chopping a small bit off a plant and putting that small bit into it's own pot...in the hope that it will grow roots. Therefore, by next season you have two plants where one you had one. 


So this is what I do in August :) 


All updates still on Instagram and happy planting everyone!


And remember...it's better to garden and do it wrong than overthink it and not garden at all. 




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