Organic Gardening 101: Making Natural Bug Spray

I recently had a white fly infestation. I realised just how quickly you panic when there is the potential that months of your hard work is set to be ruined by little critters.

So I've made a video showing you how to make your own rapeseed oil solution that is not only safe to spray on your plants but safe for you and the environment. I've found it works incredibly on whitefly, greenfly and ants. I do dilute my solution a little with water as it means my pump bottle lasts longer and it just sprays better generally without taking away from the oil's effectiveness.

We have to start making different decisions on how we farm.

REMEMBER: Plants can be hypersensitive to oil. I never spray pure oil onto my plants when it is very sunny outside...wait till the evening just like you would when watering and I always spray one leaf first before spraying my whole plant...almost like a patch test at the hairdressers. That way you'll be able to check how your plant will react to the solution. But saying that, I've not had any problem using it yet and I've used it on a huge variety of edible plants so far.

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