Canoodling with Cucumbers: The Art of Fertilisation

Anyone struggling with their cucumbers? Or is it your first time growing cucumbers? Well hopefully this will help! Whether you are growing cucumbers from seed, growing inside or simply struggling to get your cucumber plant to fruit then this is the video for you. This is actually my first gardening tutorial so I'm a little nervous but I really want to start spreading my love and experience of different plants and herbs as they all contribute massively to my fitness lifestyle. I really hope you like it and find it interesting! In the video below I'll take you through how to identify the male and female flowers on a cucumber plant and explain why and how you pollinate cucumber plants in order to grow the fruit.

For quick reference below I've included some photos. The female is left and is easily recognisable from the tiny fruit hanging from it. The male flowers are fruit free and stick out only a little from the plant. If the flowers of the female flowers are not fertilised the tiny fruits will not grow into full fruits and simply shrivel up and die.

Hope you find this useful. Remember gardening is for anyone and if you're looking to introduce it to your lifestyle for relaxation, healthier food or even curiosity just don't think and give it a go! It's never too late to start your organic journey.

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Female cucumber flower

Male cucumber flower

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