Meet Lydia


Hello, I'm Lydia and I'm a Personal Trainer and who absolutely loves gardening. Actually I love anything to do with the outdoors...especially if it means getting covered in mud. 

Having recently taken over my hometowns local Health Food Shop I relocated from London back home to Yorkshire. Oh wow, why didn't I do this earlier? (...and yes I'm saving a fortune)

Since moving to the countryside I have been able to move my garden from an old table, that I was using in London, to a giant unused patch of land. 

Food & Farming 


I believe that growing your own food provides quality food free in your own back yard. I grew up on a small holding so being outside, growing food and learning to live with the elements is something I learnt to get used to from a young age, although I’m only really now utilising that education. Growing food is my hobby, my break from stress and one of my biggest passions. For me, it’s another ritual I use to keep fit and health. 

I'm a qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor having started my fitness journey as a junior receptionist at LAX South Kensington. I have worked in gyms all across London including Nuffield Health, Virgin Active, David Lloyds and many independents. My drive for fitness comes from a firm belief that absolutely everyone deserves to feel well. We don't all have that privilege so I help people feel as good as they personally can that day, and then we do it all again tomorrow. I help people change their habits and I think I'm pretty good at it :)


I've long been fascinated by herbalist practices and the idea of getting back to the natural world that we, as humans, are an intrinsic part of. For me, herbalism signifies a willingness to work with nature rather than against it. The field of Herbalism that intrigues me personally the most is Herbal Medicine. 

Medical Herbalists are qualified to mix specific prescriptions for patients from natural plant compounds. To me, that is fascinating and feeds into my desire to learn as much as possible about the natural world. 

I'll keep you up to date with my studies on Instagram @yourorganicpt


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