October 21, 2018

It seems simple...but have you ever asked yourself 'how do I water my plants?'

I used to kill plants all the time and some really simple advice really helped me out when I was starting to grow my plant collection.

I now have an ever growing collection of indoor plants that bring me joy and keep help my indoor air as clean and healthy as possible. 

This is ideal for all standard indoor plants. Absolutely everyone can garden and grow so why not start your own collection today? 

*Plants only need feeding when they are 'awake' so most indoor plants won't need feeding during Winter months, even though they're inside and green. 

October 21, 2018

My mother Aloe Vera plant has had a baby. This is how I gentle separate it from it's mother and re-pot it safety. You can have an endless supply of Aloe Vera plants if you keep your mother plant healthy! Enjoy x

When I first started observing nature…really observing it, I realised just how unique and intricate each individual plant was; with its own traits, preferences, requirements and quirks. 

And we don’t often take a lot of time to stop and look at Nature.

Myself included. After 6 years of city living, in London, I found that I had almost zoned out from the natural world, far away from my rural upbringing. When I returned to Yorkshire recently to live, for the first time as an ‘adult’ struggling to figure life out and taking random leaps of faith in the hope that something of optimistic significance would come my way…I started a wildlife garden…and I experienced a perspective on nature that was…different…to the childish running around in barefoot that I had known before. And it was all to do…with plants…

Some were hardy…and grew tall with ease needing little encouragement. Others took more time to thrive and were more sensitive to the environment. Some needed sheltered ground spaces and fleec...

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Getting Back To Nature

October 8, 2018

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