July 10, 2018

I wanted to quickly show you a little trick my mama taught me as a child on how to pin out strawberries with a hair grip. Sounds a little odd but it works SO well! 

Strawberry plants naturally want to spread out to grow plenty of fruit and with a little help we can really help them to do so. This means more fruit for us without having to go out and buy loads of strawberry plants from the garden centre. From my 3 already established plants I am able to make an additional 8 that will all root and grow their own fruit. 

In this video I'll show you my strawberry-hair-grip hack with a quick follow up at the end to show you just how easily they establish roots. Hope you enjoy it!

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July 10, 2018

I recently had a white fly infestation. I realised just how quickly you panic when there is the potential that months of your hard work is set to be ruined by little critters. 

So I've made a video showing you how to make your own rapeseed oil solution that is not only safe to spray on your plants but safe for you and the environment. I've found it works incredibly on whitefly, greenfly and ants. I do dilute my solution a little with water as it means my pump bottle lasts longer and it just sprays better generally without taking away from the oil's effectiveness. 

We have to start making different decisions on how we farm. 

REMEMBER: Plants can be hypersensitive to oil. I never spray pure oil onto my plants when it is very sunny outside...wait till the evening just like you would when watering and I always spray one leaf first before spraying my whole plant...almost like a patch test at the hairdressers. That way you'll be able to check how your plant will re...

July 10, 2018

Anyone struggling with their cucumbers? Or is it your first time growing cucumbers? Well hopefully this will help! Whether you are growing cucumbers from seed, growing inside or simply struggling to get your cucumber plant to fruit then this is the video for you. This is actually my first gardening tutorial so I'm a little nervous but I really want to start spreading my love and experience of different plants and herbs as they all contribute massively to my fitness lifestyle. I really hope you like it and find it interesting! In the video below I'll take you through how to identify the male and female flowers on a cucumber plant and explain why and how you pollinate cucumber plants in order to grow the fruit.

For quick reference below I've included some photos. The female is left and is easily recognisable from the tiny fruit hanging from it. The male flowers are fruit free and stick out only a little from the plant. If the flowers of the female flowers are not fertilised the tiny fruit...

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October 8, 2018

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