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June 1, 2019

Last month I did a call out for questions on my instagram after I received so many messages asking to hear more about what I do and who I am. If you're not part of our little gardening insta community I would definitely recommend joining in! If you missed this Q&A and have any questions then don't worry, I'm sure I'll do another one. You are more than welcome to message me on Instagram if you are really curious...although plant based questions may receive preference because to be honest...I could talk about plants forever.


Where are you from?

A tiny little village outside Doncaster in South Yorkshire in the middle. of. nowhere. 

How old are you?

In my twenties.

What is your job?

To keep this simple I'm talking about my 'day job'!

I'm a qualified Personal Trainer but I now only offer consultation sessions because I'm quite busy at the moment trying to run two business at once...The Herbalists UK (www.theherbalists.co.uk) and Your Organic Soap Co. My partner and I have one sto...

June 1, 2019

Growing herbs from seed can be a pain. Growing from a cutting is easy, quick and works ninety-nine percent of times. In this video I hope to demonstrate just how simple it can be to start your very own herb collection at home or for the garden.

For more videos, updates and all about my herb garden find me on Instagram @yourorganicpt 

February 19, 2019

Have you ever wanted to grow your own food but never known where to start? I'm going to start right from the beginning and explain how I grow food from seeds in my garden.

As a personal trainer I enjoy growing my own food as a way of expanding the diversity in my diet while keeping active outside...and I like feeling closer to Nature. I'm in the middle of expanding my wildlife garden and entering the second year of cultivating a big old outdoor space into a giant food garden.

In this video we're going right back to basics. How to plant seeds. I hope you found it useful and for more growing tips, ideas and inspiration head over to Instagram.


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February 6, 2019

I can’t quite believe it’s almost been a year since we left London and escaped to the countryside. But what many people don’t know is that our original plan was always to return to London…after a rest-bite of a couple of weeks in Yorkshire.

We were visiting my parents who, despite my never-dying love for them are completely mad. When I was 5 they bought an old farm in order to live as self-sufficiently as possible. There is no wifi, there is no bus route and there are no shops. The longest we’d ever stayed (discounting my own childhood of course) was one night so a two week stay all together, we thought, was long enough. 

When we awoke on the first morning of our stay we travelled the 30-minute journey to the closest large town, which is Doncaster, to grab some breakfast.

I had actually already heard that Jackson’s…’famous Jackson’s The Herbalists’ was closing down. It was gutting to see as we entered the town. It had been an amazing shop with the most fascinating history and now the shop...

October 21, 2018

It seems simple...but have you ever asked yourself 'how do I water my plants?'

I used to kill plants all the time and some really simple advice really helped me out when I was starting to grow my plant collection.

I now have an ever growing collection of indoor plants that bring me joy and keep help my indoor air as clean and healthy as possible. 

This is ideal for all standard indoor plants. Absolutely everyone can garden and grow so why not start your own collection today? 

*Plants only need feeding when they are 'awake' so most indoor plants won't need feeding during Winter months, even though they're inside and green. 

October 21, 2018

My mother Aloe Vera plant has had a baby. This is how I gentle separate it from it's mother and re-pot it safety. You can have an endless supply of Aloe Vera plants if you keep your mother plant healthy! Enjoy x

When I first started observing nature…really observing it, I realised just how unique and intricate each individual plant was; with its own traits, preferences, requirements and quirks. 

And we don’t often take a lot of time to stop and look at Nature.

Myself included. After 6 years of city living, in London, I found that I had almost zoned out from the natural world, far away from my rural upbringing. When I returned to Yorkshire recently to live, for the first time as an ‘adult’ struggling to figure life out and taking random leaps of faith in the hope that something of optimistic significance would come my way…I started a wildlife garden…and I experienced a perspective on nature that was…different…to the childish running around in barefoot that I had known before. And it was all to do…with plants…

Some were hardy…and grew tall with ease needing little encouragement. Others took more time to thrive and were more sensitive to the environment. Some needed sheltered ground spaces and fleec...

August 17, 2018

August is upon us and the gardening jobs seem to be drying up at the same rate as my soil. I have a timeline for my garden now and I'm trying to stick to it religiously for fear that, come December, there will be no 'clearing up' or 'preparation' jobs left and I'll have to find something indoors to occupy my time. I need gardening or else I become 'that person' in the gym that never seems to go home...I've never been very good at sitting still plus my anxiety sky rockets as soon as swimming or plants go out of the equation!

When I ask most people what they do in the garden come August the answer I get 90% of the time is 'water'. While true...there are sooo many jobs we can still be doing to extend that gardening season into...well...all year round. One of the jobs I like to do, and you can do either one or one hundred depending on how much time you like to spend gardening, is taking cuttings. 

Cuttings are basically chopping a small bit off a plant and putting that sm...

August 7, 2018

Upon a crisp and silent morning, early in the month of June, I found a tiny field mouse on the plot. It hung around all afternoon. I first spotted him dancing amongst my Foxgloves but later he settled on the brick steps that I have formed around my makeshift frog pond. He sat and drank from the pond on more than one occasion and would hop up and down the bricks seemingly quite content in my presence. I got on with my work and he his; quite in harmony. He would allow me quite close to him, I could get as near as 30cm before he would turn his back and I would retreat to allow him his space. He had been quite the companion to me that afternoon and I was excited as I packed away my tools to see if he would still be there when I returned the next day.

That same evening my little mouse lay almost untarnished but unmistakably lifeless on the mat outside my front door. My tiny Jack Russell was delighted to have brought me home a present. It was tragic. My little puppy wagging her tail beaming u...

July 10, 2018

I wanted to quickly show you a little trick my mama taught me as a child on how to pin out strawberries with a hair grip. Sounds a little odd but it works SO well! 

Strawberry plants naturally want to spread out to grow plenty of fruit and with a little help we can really help them to do so. This means more fruit for us without having to go out and buy loads of strawberry plants from the garden centre. From my 3 already established plants I am able to make an additional 8 that will all root and grow their own fruit. 

In this video I'll show you my strawberry-hair-grip hack with a quick follow up at the end to show you just how easily they establish roots. Hope you enjoy it!

 For all updates on my garden as well as fitness and food info follow @yourorganicpt on Instagram 

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