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Your Organic PT

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I am not currently taking on new clients. Thank you to all my past and present clients for being absolutely amazing during my re-location. 

I guess this is where you do the awkward intro bit. Hello, I'm Lydia and I'm a Personal Trainer and who absolutely loves gardening. Actually I love anything to do with the outdoors...especially if it means getting covered in mud. 

Having recently taken over my hometowns local Health Food Shop I relocated from London back home to Yorkshire. Oh wow, why didn't I do this earlier? (...and yes I'm saving a fortune)

Since moving to the countryside I have been able to move my garden, from an old table that I was using in London, to a giant unused patch of land. 

In one year of cultivating the forgotten strip of land and it's alarmingly alive with Nature again. I don't garden conventionally. I haven't studied, my profession is in Fitness and Health but to me, gardening and being around Nature is just a big a part of our health and fitness as going to the gym. 

And so I grow carrots, broccoli, sweetcorn...fruits, herbs, etc...everything that enables me to use a supermarket less and be outdoors more. 

I'm an organic gardener...because I just don't believe artificial chemicals are necessary. I prefer to turn to Nature and use natural plant foods and pesticides that I make at home. I utilises the worms and moles to help cultivate my soil and try to use logic and my knowledge of insects to balance my plot into a state of equilibrium. It basically means welcoming everything into your garden rather than blocking things out. You rely on the insect and small mammal food chain to do its job. But enough about all that here.

In 2018 I began the long journey to becoming a qualified Medical Herbalist with the National Institute after working alongside and being inspired by the work they do in the natural healthcare sector. 

So it's all GO at the moment, but with a hectic work/study schedule I find I always turn to Nature for my answers. She hasn't disappointed me yet. 

Join me on Instagram @yourorganicpt